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Don’t Waste: The Future of Hospitality

New report available to help businesses navigate industry-wide skills challenges and protect the future of our sector

The growing labour shortage is threatening the future of this vibrant industry. At any one time there are 100,000 hospitality vacancies, which can be partly attributed to outdated perceptions of the industry and it being seen as a “stop gap”.

This lack of understanding about what careers in hospitality can offer in terms of progression, satisfaction and reward, has resulted in a number of barriers preventing new talent from entering the industry.

To help hospitality businesses maximise recruitment and retention opportunities available and attract the next generation of hospitality stars, HIT Training has developed the report Don’t Waste: The Future of Hospitality.

The report offers in-depth research and insight into the current challenges faced by the sector, along with practical tips and advice from hospitality leaders on how businesses can attract different talent pools to future-proof the sector.


To download your copy of the report, please provide the following information:


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Hospitality Apprenticeships Week 2021 to showcase industry as #MoreThanAJob

HIT Training are proud supporters of Hospitality Apprenticeships Week 2021 to showcase the industry offers #MoreThanAJob ...

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The importance of a mentor for apprentices

We’ll show you just how to become the mentor you wish you’d had when you first started out in your career! ...

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Flexi-apprenticeships are the answer to the dwindling hospitality workforce

Apprenticeships are one of the best ways to offer a career with longevity. They help unlock skills quickly, and fast-track highly motivated staff into roles where they can provide real value. However, the challenge for the hospitality industry is ensuring that employers are offering enough variety within every role. ...

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The Power of Adding Plant-Based to your Menu

This week, HIT Training has teamed up with meat-free pioneer, Quorn to talk all things plant-based. Why? Because we’ve also launched the UK’s first plant-based training programme for chefs. ...

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Introducing the new normal for HIT’s apprenticeship delivery

As the country gets to grips with returning to normal, HIT is delighted to continue supporting you and your apprentices with our award winning training. ...

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The benefits of learning at work for your business and workforce

This Learning at Work Week, we’re discussing the main business benefits of offering learning and development opportunities to your workforce. ...

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Integrating plant based food into your menu

Vegetarianism, veganism and flexitarianism are soaring in popularity as consumers become more aware of the wider impact of their diet choices. ...

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Three signs your employees are reaching burnout – and how to support them

It’s no secret that we’ve all experienced a certain level of workplace stress. But when stress becomes chronic, it can lead to ‘burnout’. ...

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All change - it’s time to reserve your apprenticeship funding!

Employers who don’t pay the Apprenticeship Levy need to start reserving their apprenticeship funding for new starts in 2021-22. ...

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How to manage stress: Stress Awareness Month 2021

Stress is something we’re all familiar with. Here are some top tips to keep your cool if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your stress levels. ...

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