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Apprenticeship Levy

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In April 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England changed. Some employers are now required to contribute to the new apprenticeship levy, and there have been changes to the funding for apprenticeship training for all employers. 

Who pays? How much? How is it collected? What can it be used for? How do I claim it back? These are just some of the questions that have been asked. We have taken the jargon out of the government announcements to explain how the levy works and what it means to you in the HIT Levy Handbook.

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To find out the best way to utilise your levy payment and get the maximum return download our Levy Handbook above or contact HIT today...

Apprenticeship Levy News and Events

The ‘What Next’ Breakfast Briefing - Key Insights

The ‘What Next’ Breakfast Briefing took place on Thursday 28th February, hosted by The Springboard Charity and HIT Training.   ...

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The Apprenticeship Levy has its challenges but don’t miss out on the benefits

HIT Training Managing Director, Jill Whittaker, urges hospitality businesses to utilise and maximise their levy funds. ...

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The Apprenticeship Levy One Year On

Following a year of the Apprenticeship Levy, Jill Whittaker, Managing Director at HIT Training, reflects on its impact and what opportunities its opened up for pubs. ...

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Paul Mannering on developing an apprenticeship strategy

Paul Mannering, Principal of the HIT Training Chef Academy gives his advice to The Morning Advertiser on developing an apprenticeship strategy.    ...

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Two apprentices storm ahead to complete first hospitality standards

Two apprentices have been named as the first in the industry to successfully complete the new hospitality apprenticeship standards. ...

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Don't spoil the ship for an ha’peth of tar!

Jill Whittaker, Managing Director of HIT Training, discusses  the 10% employer contribution for non-levy payers - the "elephant in the room" - with FE Week ...

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