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Chef Academy

Senior Culinary Chef Academy

Designed to enrich the Level 4 Senior Culinary Chef apprenticeship

Chefs working towards their Level 4 Senior Culinary Chef apprenticeship or in a similar role will develop new recipes, products and product lines.

These chefs will continue to meet high culinary standards with an ability to research, responsibly source, develop and launch products to meet specification briefs in line with their organisation’s vision, values and objectives.

As part of their apprenticeship journey, Level 4 Senior Culinary Chefs will attend their choice of six from the following workshops to boost their knowledge, skills and behaviours:


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Senior Culinary Chef Academy Workshops

Bakery and patisserie
[inc badges for Suitable for all professional chefs, Commis Chef, Production Chef, Senior Production Chef and Senior Culinary Chef]
Cakes | Biscuits | Sponges | Scones | Pastry

A skilled chef who knows how to prepare and present a range of delicious and tempting bakery and patisserie products will always be in demand!

In this comprehensive and practical workshop, chefs will expand their skillset to incorporate a variety of sweet dishes and techniques to their repertoire.

They’ll learn the secret behind the perfect cake, biscuit, sponge and scone. And how to produce show-stopping patisseries items – including methods to craft short, sweet, suet, choux, and the uber-handy, convenience pastries.

Bakery and viennoiserie
Laminated Pastry | Mille Feuille | Sourdough | Financier | Croissants

The refined technical ability that’s showcased in these delicate bakery and viennoiserie dishes is often sought-after by professional kitchens.

Decadent viennoiserie goods, often thought of as the bridge between patisserie and French bakery, will expand an establishment’s menu to include enviable snacks and breakfast options.

In this comprehensive masterclass, chefs will perfect the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to master rich yet sweet viennoiseries and baked goods, including techniques to create puff pastry, Danish pastry, croissants, mille feuille, sourdough and financiers.

Brand standards
Brand Advocacy | Portion & Waste Control | Maintaining Quality | Consistency | Budget Management

All eateries have their own brand. This stretches from the establishment’s décor and staff behaviour, through to the menu and dishes themselves.

In this classroom-styled workshop, chefs will explore the importance of advocating and promoting their establishment or personal brand. This will be showcased through the ingredients, presentation, flavours and taste of the food and drinks they prepare.

Chefs will celebrate the power of a brand and look at the importance of working within recipe specifications across a number of areas including consistency and cost.

Bread and Dough
Bread Dough | Soda Bread | Enriched Dough | Pizza Dough | Flatbread

With dough skills and a dash of creativity, chefs have a multitude of dish options under their chef hat!

The knowledge gained in this hands-on workshop will open the door to really kick an establishment’s menu up a notch. This could include adding a rustic touch with some sourdough to meals enjoyed at breakfast or offering a taste of Italy at dinner with an authentic pizza dough.

Chefs will learn a handful of preparation and cooking methods as part of this workshop – including the fine arts of measuring and weighing, proving, glazing and decorating.

Cress | Specialities | Microgreens | Living Ingredients | Flavour Combinations

Often underestimated and misused as a simple garnish – cresses, microgreens and specialities are jam-packed with flavour. 

These living ingredients allow chefs to innovate and challenge themselves by bringing a depth of flavour, seasoning and new experiences to their menu.

In this practical workshop, chefs will embark on a hands-on journey through these unique products, understanding the different flavours they have to offer and how to introduce them onto their menu as an impactful ingredient.

Foraging and Fermentation
Seasonality | Zero Waste | Sustainability | SCOBY | Curtido

With zero-waste restaurants soaring in popularity, chefs are increasingly looking to apply a ‘leaf to root’ approach to their plant-forward menus.

In this practical and engaging workshop, chefs will learn the principles of sustainable, responsible and safe foraging for natural ingredients, such as seasonal fruit, nuts, leaves, roots and fungi. 

Using these ingredients, chefs will learn the basic skills and concepts to develop both short and long fermentations to preserve seasons and advance their recipe bank.

Game and offal
Kidneys | Liver | Pigeon | Rabbit | Sweetbreads

Known for its leanness and intense flavour, game can add a delicious depth to any savoury meal. Offal is high in flavour and packed with nutrients, meaning it’s rightfully earned a place on the menus of top eateries around the world.

Recently rising in popularity with fine dining establishments, this practical workshops will give chefs an appreciation of game and offal’s versatility.

Chefs will garner the technical skills to truly showcase these, sometimes forgotten, meats on their menus.

Leadership and communication
Leading | Motivating | Communicating | Training | Responsibility

Strong leadership and communication skills are essential to the efficient, smooth, collaborative running of a professional kitchen, with respect for kitchen leaders resulting in consistent high standards and happy teams.

This classroom-styled workshop will introduce chefs to the key qualities which make for a good leader, exploring a handful of leadership and motivational theories and techniques.

Chefs will uncover what their personal leadership style is and uncover to achieve the best from their team.

Menu planning and costings
Budget Management | Sustainability | Procurement | Seasonality | Profitability

On top of well-honed technical skills, successful chefs will need to be comfortable and confident when budget planning for a profitable menu.

In this classroom-styled workshop, chefs will take part in a range of activities exploring how to effectively plan and cost a balance dish or menu.

Chefs will learn to take into account the wide-ranging influences which can impact the cost of their menu, including seasonality, sustainability, provenance, customer demographics, geography, procurement and pre-set budgets.

Nose to tail
[inc badges for Suitable for all professional chefs, Chef de Partie, Senior Production Chef and Senior Culinary Chef]
Butchery | Pork | Lamb | Sausages | Zero Waste

With an increasing number of eateries adopting a more sustainable approach to their business, the ‘nose to tail’ philosophy has risen in popularity. Nose to tail involves using every part of an animal possible to minimise the likelihood of creating food waste.

This practical butchery masterclass involves the breaking down of a pig or sheep into the primary and secondary cuts, and covers a variety of preparations, including sausages.

Chefs will understand the importance of seasonality and explore the merits of adopting a nose to tail approach.

Patisserie and desserts
Pastries | Ice Creams | Bavarois | Soufflés | Tarts

To develop enviable patisserie and desserts requires a mastery of technical skills combined with never-ending imagination. A fine eye for detail and a delicate hand are key to the perfect assembly and presentation of these mouth-watering treats.

This practical masterclass will explore the skills, knowledge and behaviours chefs need to prepare and develop patisserie dishes and hot or cold desserts.

Taking trends and seasonal influences into account, chefs will be inspired and challenged to create a classic or innovative dish of their own.

Shellfish and fish
Seasonal Fish | Scallops | Clams | Oysters | Squid

The ocean provides delicious and versatile cooking ingredients offering a vast selection of delicate and strong flavours, textures and colours, each of which brings its own unique qualities to a culinary menu.

This practical workshop focuses on the accurate, technical and complex preparation, cooking and finishing methods to get the most out of shellfish and fish.

Chefs will explore the sustainable and zero waste concept of nose to tail eating to their shellfish and fish menu choices.

Vegan and vegetarian
Banana Blossom | Jackfruit | Seitan | Quorn | Seasonal Vegetables

Meat-free eating has soared in popularity over recent years with the number of meat-free restaurants steadily rising and vegan and vegetarian items flying off the menu at every establishment.

As demand for there to be more variety in the vegan and vegetarian menu items offered, eateries are realising this way of eating has become a behaviour rather than a trend.

Diving deeper into the world of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based foods, this practical workshop will take chef’s skills and knowledge of meat-free dish development to the next level.

Vegetables and vegetable protein
Seitan | Silken Tofu | Firm Tofu | Soya | Seasonal Vegetables

Delicious, nutritious and versatile – vegetables and vegetable proteins offer huge potential for creating tasty and exciting meat-free savoury dishes. 

Soaring in popularity, plant forward dishes are increasingly being incorporated into mainstream menu planning as patrons strive for healthier and more sustainable alternatives to meat-based meals.

In this hands-on workshop chefs will learn flavour profiling, dish composition, seasonality and getting the most from vegetables and vegetable protein ingredients - from root to shoot.

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