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Three ways to keep your staff motivated and inspired during lockdown 3.0

Posted on 8 January, 2021


The hospitality industry has faced some of its toughest challenges amid the pandemic. With hospitality venues once again being forced to close their doors as we enter a third national lockdown, owners and workers wait with baited breath to see what's next.

Despite a magnitude of challenges presented by COVID-19, it is inspiring to see how much the hospitality industry has adapted this year. From taking on social distancing measures, revising business models to supply takeaway meals, as well as hotels offering rooms as ‘working from home’ spaces, it highlights just how resilient and agile the industry is.

However, now that the hospitality industry has no choice but to close or limit their services and, with many workers furloughed during this time, it can lead to feelings of frustration and demoralisation among the workforce.

As with the first and second lockdown, now is the time for hospitality leaders and managers to rally around their teams and boost morale. Our Managing Director, Jill Whittaker, offers some advice on how businesses can keep momentum going in the face of lowdown restrictions by supporting their workforce through this challenging time.

1. Look ahead with your team

By sharing your contingency plan for the future, hospitality businesses can showcase how they are thinking ahead and considering the needs of the workforce. Of course, this projection will need to be flexible and include a range of possible scenarios, however, the end goal is to help employees to visualise the future and offer them clarity on how their role fits within this. It will also help to drum up excitement about what’s in store when the business is able to reopen safely.

2. Keep conversations going

Even if the venue isn’t in full operation, it’s important to bring the team together for regular catch ups online or over the phone. This will give team members the opportunity to voice any concerns and be kept up to date with new developments or changes. On top of this, it is a great way to ensure everyone feels involved and part of the bigger picture. After all, a big motivator at work is being given the chance to input into decisions or help make a difference to the overall business’ success.

3. Prioritise learning and development

No matter what industry you’re in, during periods of lockdown nobody wants to feel as if elements of their life are being put on hold. When it comes to our careers, learning and development is a big motivator and helps us to continue pushing ourselves. However, with many workers taking a step back from their day-to-day roles, it doesn’t mean that their training has to wait until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. As many apprenticeships or training courses can be carried out online, businesses can ensure their employees continue their learning journey. Gaining new skills is a hugely positive step in our careers and it will help teams feel inspired to put their knowledge and skills into practice once the restrictions are lifted.

At HIT Training, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that not a single hospitality worker misses out on their training and qualifications due to lockdown. We’re fully equipped to continue delivering live, online training to our learners on a one-to-one basis.

If you’re interested in enriching the skills of your workforce during lockdown and into the future, HIT Training has a full suite of short courses tailored to the particular needs of hospitality employers, staff and managers. This includes a range of courses developed specifically to help the sector to work safely and effectively post-COVID-19, from mental health awareness, infection control and safe working, building resilience and customer service in the world of now.

For more information please visit: https://hittraining.co.uk/courses



It was great speaking to our account manager, Catherine, this afternoon and great to hear that HIT are being so supportive with our apprentices, I found the call very positive in a time of crisis, so thank you.

The Learner’s leaflet is great and being sent out to Apprentices and Line Managers following our communication last week providing a great follow up.

Jonathan Foot - Head of Apprenticeships, Compass Group

McMullen’s chose HIT as its sole external provider for Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications in early 2015 and since then we have found them a pleasure to work with.  Their expertise in this sector is superior and they have proven to be a professional and supportive partner who have a passion for learning and development, which matches our own organisation.

Amanda Walden – Training & Recruitment Manager, McMullen's

Encouraging our staff to improve their skills set and supporting them through apprenticeships and training programmes underlines our commitment to help them further develop their own careers. Offering the Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship also gives the Brend Group a point of difference which I’m convinced will help attract new members of staff in the future.

Andrew Mosedale - Group HR Manager, Brend Hotels

Our partnership with HIT has certainly made recruitment much easier in a very difficult labour market and gives us a point of difference in an increasingly competitive environment.  Kew Green has also benefited enormously from well trained, skilled and competent staff who contribute significantly to the ever improving and high levels of customer experience that our guests expect and deserve.

Andrew Tregenza - HR Business Partner, Kew Green Hotels

Apprenticeships allow us to give people a great opportunity to develop a career with us and learn a skill or trade that will accompany them throughout their career and life. We see progression to the Level 4 qualification as key to our strategy of providing development at all stages of an employee’s career with Harrison.

Alex Taylor - Training Manager, Harrison Catering Services

HIT Training has provided such an incredible support to us during lockdown, with regular webinar invitations, videocalls and engagement solutions. Our business focus shifted to learning and development and we managed to enrol 3 times more apprentices on training programmes than before!

Anastasia Talatzidou -L&D Manager, Gaucho


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