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Looking for an exciting and rewarding career that offers on-the-job training, valuable skills, and a chance to earn while you learn? Consider an apprenticeship!

Apply for an Apprenticeship

There is an apprenticeship for everyone

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to kickstart your career, whether you’re a school leaver looking for your first job, a professional seeking a career change, or a career mover looking for new challenges.

With an apprenticeship, you’ll gain practical skills and knowledge while working alongside experienced professionals in your chosen industry. You’ll earn a wage while you learn, and you won’t have to pay tuition fees or take out student loans.

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Explore these frequently asked questions about our range of courses.

What is an apprenticeship?
Am I eligible for an apprenticeship?
How much does an apprenticeship cost?
What do I get paid as an apprentice?
Why do I need to do English and maths?
How do I pass my apprenticeship?
I think I have additional learning needs, how will you support me?
I want to do a Level 3 apprenticeship, do I need to do a Level 2 first?
What benefit is an apprenticeship to me?
What other benefits are available for apprentices?
What is expected of me during my Apprenticeship?

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