Elevating brewer apprenticeships through hands-on workshops

Blending years of industry expertise, the artistry of brewing and a focus on skill-centric learning, HIT’s brewer workshops present an exclusive platform for brewers to refine their craft and acquire new techniques, methods and efficiency models in a nurturing environment tailored to cater to individual needs.

The unique on-site workshops allow brewers to develop highly regarded skills needed in this competitive industry to meet the continuing growth of brewing across the country. Each of the 12 workshops on the Level 4 brewing programme take place at the International Centre for Brewing Science at the University of Nottingham where industry experts bring the theory and practice of brewing to life with a series of lectures, practical sessions and tutorials.

Our apprenticeships

One day

Introduction – Industry Knowledge

In this workshop, apprentices are introduced to the brewing process step by step.

One day

Introduction – Raw Material Handling

In this workshop, apprentices learn about the key raw materials used in brewing.

One day

Brewhouse – Recipe Design

In this workshop, apprentices are introduced to classic beer styles and recipes.

One day

Brewhouse – Brewhouse Operations

In this workshop, apprentices access ‘state of the art’ brewing facilities to demonstrate how a brewhouse works.

One day

Yeast – Yeast & Fermentation

In this workshop, apprentices are introduced to yeast as an organism and learn about the relationship between wort composition and beer flavour.

One day

Yeast – Yeast Handling & Microbiology

In this workshop, apprentices are introduced to yeast propagation and the yeast cycle.

One day

Finishing – Maturation

In this workshop, apprentices explore contrasting classical lagering Vs modern rapid conditioning techniques.

One day

Finishing – Filtration, CIP & Engineering

Apprentices are introduced to key techniques used to filter beer including cartridge, powder filtration and cross flow systems.

One day

Packaging – Large Pack & Dispense

Apprentices are introduced to preparation of beer for packaging.

One day

Packaging – Small Pack

In this workshop, ‘state of the art’ facilities are used to demonstrate the key pieces of equipment used in canning and bottling.

One day

Quality – Quality Assurance & Control

In this workshop, apprentices explore the difference between quality assurance and quality control.

One day

Quality – Operational Management

This workshop covers the whole brewing process with an emphasis on cross industry knowledge.

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