Attract top talent, re-energise your staff and enhance employee loyalty with our complete career pathway of hospitality and catering apprenticeships.


Job-specific training solutions

Our award winning apprenticeships help you stay ahead by plugging skills gaps, boosting sales and setting your team apart from the rest.


Invest in training to attract talented individuals who are eager to join your team and pursue their career aspirations.


Upskill your staff for efficient, multi-functional team members who deliver exceptional customer experiences, require less supervision, and free up managerial time.


Apprenticeships empower staff to master skills, fostering loyalty and career growth. Gain skilled staff and future-ready managers.

How we work

Our unique training pathways help you create a team of motivated professionals who have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to be at the top of their game.

How we work

Our apprenticeships & courses

Business Services Apprenticeships

We aren't just experts in hospitality training, we also own two other leading training providers. Investing in apprenticeships for your support teams is a strategic move that pays dividends throughout your entire organisation.

Chef Academy

Transforming your professional chefs into skilled culinary artists

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Knowledge Centre

Explore our range of articles to learn more about how apprenticeships can work for you and your business.

People we work with

We take great pride in partnering with leading hospitality and retail brands, as well as independent businesses across the UK to support their employees' career pathways.

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