Left Image: Apprenticeships are the key to building a diverse and skilled workforce

Attract Upskill RETAIN.

Apprenticeships are the key to building a diverse and skilled workforce

Transforming lives, shaping futures and boosting income opportunities

At HIT Training, our team of dedicated trainers brings a wealth of experience from the hospitality and retail industries. We are passionate about helping you succeed by providing meaningful and high-quality apprenticeship programmes that deliver exceptional learning experiences and outcomes.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Enhance your customer experience, attract top talent, and foster unwavering employee loyalty with our comprehensive career pathway of hospitality and catering apprenticeships.

Retail Apprenticeships

Retail Apprenticeships

level up your business with our impactful retail apprenticeships. Enhance recruitment outcomes, retain top talent, and elevate customer service excellence to new heights.

Business Services Apprenticeships

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We take great pride in partnering with leading hospitality and retail brands, as well as independent businesses across the UK to support their employees' career pathways.

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Meet our HIT HEROES Apprentice of the Year

Jodie Plummer

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From funding to return of investment, our resources hub has handy guides to help your business excel with apprenticeships.

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Chef Academy

Transforming your professional chefs into skilled culinary artists

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Our specialist training divisions

We also deliver exceptional training courses across fields from early years and adult care, to leadership and management.

• Adult Care • Healthcare
• Early Years/Nursery • Funeral Service

• Leadership and Management
• Coaching and Mentoring • Degree Apprenticeships

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