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Brewer Introduction – Raw Material Handling

In this workshop, apprentices learn about the key raw materials used in brewing.


Apprentices explore the malting process for standard pale malts and speciality products. They also learn how to interpret a malt specification. Hops and hop products are introduced and apprentices discover the vital role they play in flavour and aroma of beer.

The importance of stock control, handling and storage of ingredients for use in the brewery to preserve ingredient quality and characteristics.

The provenance, quality and characteristics of principle ingredients used for beer production and their combined contribution to beer style and character.

Principles and importance of plant hygiene and maintenance on production quality, safety, and efficiency.

The session concludes with discussion of water and water chemistry vital for production of different brewing styles.

Content covered

  1. Producing malt and speciality malts
  2. Introducing and understanding adjuncts
  3. Evaluating malt and its specifications
  4. It's all about the water
  5. Hops and their contribution to beer character
  6. Hop formats and addition control
  7. Understanding hop aroma"


One day

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Brewer Introduction – Raw Material Handling



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