Level 4

| One day

Plant Forward – Culinary Showcase Workshop

Delicious, nutritious and versatile – vegetables and vegetable proteins offer huge potential for creating tasty and exciting meat-free savoury dishes


Soaring in popularity, plant forward dishes are increasingly being incorporated into mainstream menu planning as patrons strive for healthier and more sustainable alternatives to meat-based meals.

What is Plant Forward – Culinary Showcase Workshop?

In this hands-on workshop, chefs will learn flavour profiling, dish composition, seasonality and getting the most from vegetables and vegetable protein ingredients – from root to shoot.


One day


Level 4

Functional skills

Workshop key skills:

  • Identify the different types of vegetables and vegetable proteins.
  • Describe the characteristics, taste and appropriate uses of each type of vegetable and vegetable protein.
  • Demonstrate how to carry out basic preparation cooking and finishing methods for vegetables and vegetable protein.
  • Describe basic flavour profile and nutritional values of various vegetables and vegetable proteins.
  • List healthier options or dietary alternatives, and know best practice for handling allergens.
  • State the safe receipt, handling, storage, preparation and cooking in terms of food safety regarding vegetables and vegetable proteins.
  • Identify the cost implications and benefits of showcasing vegetables and vegetable protein on a menu.
  • Demonstrate how to create a balanced dish/menu using vegetables and vegetable proteins.
  • Understand seasonality and how to minimise waste.

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Plant Forward – Culinary Showcase Workshop



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