Institute of Hospitality and HIT Training Invest in the Industry’s Future

HIT Training and the Institute of Hospitality have formed a unique partnership that invests in the future careers of up to 9,000 hospitality apprentices.

Through the agreement, all of HIT Training’s existing hospitality apprentices and 2019 starters will automatically enrol into membership of the Institute of Hospitality, providing them with a valuable package of professional development benefits and support.

The apprentices will have instant access to Institute of Hospitality resources including a mentoring scheme to help them achieve their career goals; webinars, journals, management guides and e-newsletters to keep them informed; and networking and awards events to keep them motivated and engaged.

Alistair Sandall FIH, head of professional development, Institute of Hospitality, says: “It is well-documented that the UK hospitality industry faces recruitment and retention challenges. We also know that unfortunately some youngsters who do join our industry don’t stay long enough to build successful careers.

First impressions are critical. Millennials want to feel connected. If we can give starters the very best experience of our industry and its diverse opportunities; welcome them and provide a community and sense of belonging; then we stand a much better chance of creating a sustainable talent pipeline of future managers and leaders.

It is for this reason that we are delighted to be working with HIT Training and investing in their apprentices who have made hospitality their chosen career.”

Jill Whittaker FIH, Managing Director of HIT Training, adds: “Now is an exciting time to work in the hospitality industry and with so many job opportunities available, it’s essential that we encourage new talent into the industry and provide them with the right tools to help them enjoy a longstanding career. This partnership with Institute of Hospitality will ensure that the apprentices we work with have access to a wealth of learning resources, support and networking opportunities in addition to their apprenticeship. It also has added benefits for the apprentices’ employers who are looking to standout in a competitive market place by offering their staff the best employment package possible.”

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