Robert Bird

Robert Bird

Director of Sales

As Director of Sales, Robert Bird spearheads the sales strategy for HIT Training Ltd making sure it lines up with the company’s vision and growth expectations.

As one of the original team to start up HIT in 2006, joining as Area Manager, he continues to develop initiatives to win new business and ensure the sales teams have the right tools to maximise sales and form long-term trusting relationships with clients.

Over the past few years, Robert has led the Sales and National Accounts team bringing in big name national levy paying businesses and supporting local teams in securing SME business across the country.

Robert’s passion for apprenticeships comes from the heart as he cheerfully admits he was never very academic at school.

“Training and development have allowed me to achieve things I never thought possible,” says Robert. “Apprenticeships really do give people the chance to improve themselves and gain a new perspective on life.”

Robert’s success is also down to a sincere and straight-talking approach.

“HIT solves the problems facing employers,” says Robert. “It’s as simple as that. We love talking to our clients about what we do because we are immensely proud of the service we offer.”

In his spare time, Robert competes in triathlons and Iron Man events. He also practises the painstaking art of stone balancing (you weren’t expecting that!) which allows him to switch off from the world.

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