Beyond Food Foundation

Beyond Food Foundation is on a mission to help vulnerable people in London reintegrate into society through education

Since 2005, the Beyond Food Foundation has played a crucial role in supporting and educating vulnerable adults across London. Helping over 100 people each year through its programmes, the Foundation works closely with those at risk of or who have experienced homelessness to help them to gain meaningful employment.

Business Development and Fundraising Manager, Joanne Littman, initiated a partnership with leading hospitality training provider, HIT Training, to create further opportunities for employees to start a career and learn valuable skills through on-the-job training.

Through this partnership, the Beyond Food Foundation has implemented Level 2 Production Chef and Level 2 Customer Service apprenticeships, in addition to specialised workshops and masterclasses.

Joanne said: “We’re passionate about getting people into fulfilling and meaningful employment, thus breaking the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and poverty. Working with HIT Training allows us to not only break the cycle, but also provide nationally recognised qualifications that last a lifetime to those we support!”

Beyond Food Foundation

Beyond Food Foundation

Working in communities within the London boroughs, the Beyond Food Foundation often encounters individuals in difficult situations and offers a holistic solution to improve their lives and get them into a career. The Beyond Food Foundation supports up to 12 apprentices a year who’ve been impacted by homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, mental health issues or have just left the criminal justice system.

Beyond Food Foundation CEO, Simon Boyle said: “Education is at the centre of everything we do. Additionally, we also dedicate our time to ensuring that those we help have been able to get their lives back on track and start thriving within society.”

Recently, the business helped an apprentice to fix issues with their living situation, in addition to ensuring their learning journey stayed on track.

“One of our learners was recently evicted from their place of residence, which was a cause for concern for them personally and their development plan. As a business that provides holistic support, we don’t just offer an education. So, we helped to move their belongings, find them a new place of residence so that they weren’t at risk of homelessness, provided financial support with travel fairs, and ensured that they remained engaged with their learning.”

The Beyond Food Foundation has established themselves as a selfless and inspirational employer, by supporting its community and making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. As part of improving people’s lives, the Foundation works closely with other hospitality employers to create partnerships that help their apprentice’s secure meaningful employment and a stable living situation.

Simon continued: “As a business, we regularly try to increase our reach to access as much support as possible, be that within the hospitality sector or accommodation providers to secure jobs and homes for our apprentices. We’re fortunate to have established strong partnerships with Corbin & King, PWC and BaxterStorey, in addition to multiple hostels throughout London.

“In addition to providing education, we’re committed to inspiring the people we support. To do this, we work directly with Tottenham Hotspur, Meatopia, Premier Meats, The Savoy, Harrods and the Madeline Hotel so that our apprentices can visit these venues and see the wide variety of opportunities available to them.”

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