Peter Szucs – Chef at Lillian Faithful Homes

Realising my potential during my apprenticeship inspired me to continually improve as a chef.

Why an apprenticeship?

I’ve always wanted to do an apprenticeship, ever since I started working in kitchens. Many of my colleagues had recommended them to me, so as soon as I had the chance, I took up the Level 2 Production Chef Apprenticeship and it was absolutely amazing!

One of the main attractions for me was the opportunity to learn in different ways and in my own time. I loved learning by doing such as getting involved in workshops, developing my own recipe portfolio, perfecting cooking techniques, and understanding food hygiene.

My apprenticeship has made me feel very lucky. With Lillian Faithful and HIT Training working together, I was able to manage my time flexibly, do everything needed to complete my projects, and study for End Point Assessment. Learning without the pressures of school education was very refreshing. It gave me the freedom to learn and develop at my own pace!

Peter Szucs – Chef at Lillian Faithful Homes

Peter Szucs, Chef at Lillian Faithful Homes

Benefitting my business

The most beneficial thing I’ve gained is the confidence to lead and operate our kitchen when the Chef Manager isn’t around. I was able to use the cooking techniques I learned from my HIT Training Consultant to improve the assembly speed of dishes and the presentation – which certainly brought a smile to the resident’s faces!

By working alongside the Chef Manager with the observations of my Training Consultant, we were able to make improvements to the preparation and storage of food, as well as service I provide. My overall confidence has increased by carrying out other duties, such as overseeing food deliveries, collecting feedback from people about their meals to make appropriate adjustments, and leading our Food Service Assistants at meal times. Now, as soon as I learn something new I’m eager to demonstrate how it works to my colleagues immediately. It is a wonderful feeling when I hear from residents or my colleagues that my hard work is appreciated.

The HIT Training difference

The time spent completing my Apprenticeship has been one of the most inspiring periods of my life. Not only was I able to find my true passion in cooking, but I’ve learnt how to continue to be inspired in my job which I believe is the most important skill to have as a chef.

My inspiring HIT Training Consultant went above and beyond to support me. Her responses in particular were not only fast to come back, but effective to my learning style. I still cannot get over how supportive and wonderful my Training Consultant, Louise, was throughout my apprenticeship. I can easily say that she is the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life. I now have the foundations of knowledge and the confidence I need to further improve myself as a chef. My apprenticeship has been challenging in a good way and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot which will benefit me in my role.

It’s had a positive impact on my career, pointing me in the right direction – I even received a pay rise after completing my apprenticeship. Realising my potential during my apprenticeship inspired me to continually improve as a chef. I’d potentially like to become a Food Safety Inspector in the future and find a platform to educate other chefs about how to improve the meals and meal experiences they create in schools and care homes.

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