HIT produces 1500 free meals on National Hospitality Day

HIT’s Chef Academy celebrated ‘National Hospitality Day 2023’ in style by hosting a pop-up kitchen with a Middle Eastern street food theme.

Producing a whopping 1500 free meals in just one day, the event took place at St Luke’s Community Centre in South Islington, London, in support of hundreds of local community members including low-income families and people who find themselves homeless.

The kitchen was headed up by HIT’s London Lead Chef Trainer Eloise Moore and supported by Principal Paul Mannering, the HIT Chef Academy team and local volunteers from St Luke’s.

Together, they created 1500 meals free of charge, with some meals delivered to staff at a local primary school and community centre.

Here’s the menu

Mains: Chicken thigh shawarma, Spice lamb kofte, Black bean falafel and Samke Harra (herb marinated sea bream fillet).

Sides: Lavash bread, Salatet malfouf (white cabbage salad), Bulgur wheat and kale tabbouleh, Labneh, Pickled red cabbage, dates and raisins, Tahini dressing, Roasted squash hummus and a roasted tomato and chilli sauce.

Desserts: Sweet potato and carrot cake with miso frosting, Middle Eastern rice pudding with caramel apples and pistachio granola, White chocolate and blueberry financier with miso frosting.

“The day was a huge success and we would like to thank our partners and staff at St Luke’s for all their help and support on the day,” says HIT Chef Academy Principal Paul. “We are passionate about celebrating National Hospitality Day as a way of showcasing the huge role hospitality plays in local communities.”

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