It’s Time to Take Unnecessary Food Waste off the Menu

Did you know that food waste contributes to climate change? In fact, 30% of man-made global greenhouse gases are created from the production and consumption of food, and there’s never been a better time to take a stand and stop it going to waste.

During Food Waste Action Week – taking place from 1st to 7th March 2021 – WRAP is calling on citizens and businesses of the UK to take action. We all have a role to play to value our food and stop it from being wasted.

At HIT Training, we’re passionate about reducing food waste. All of our apprenticeships and training courses focus on having a nose to tail or root to leaf approach to maximise every inch of an ingredient.

Nothing is ever wasted when our HIT Chef Academy Chefs are involved! They’re always looking for simple ways to use offcuts and leftovers – from creating delicious stocks (which can be frozen), to fermenting and preserving in-season veg for later in the year.

WRAP’s Guardians of Grub initiative highlights the issue of food waste in the hospitality sector and provides simple solutions to tackle it. They offer a range of tools to help businesses to monitor and reduce their food waste, which not only provides great cost savings, but provides essential environmental benefits too.

If you’re new to tackling wasted food, try the Guardian of Grub’s Cost Saving Calculator to see what you can save – it couldn’t be easier.

When you’re ready to take the full plunge to reduce your establishment’s food waste, find out exactly how you can Target, Measure, Act on your site to start saving today with the FREE Guardians of Grub Cost Saving Skills Course – a 15 minute online course to show you how to start measuring wasted food.

Already measuring wasted food? Rise up and Become a Champion with Guardians of Grub’s FREE online course that will take your food waste reduction skills to the next level.

And finally, don’t forget to step up to the plate by encouraging your staff and customers to visit to find out how they can reduce the amount of food they waste at home.

Let’s make a stand together this Food Waste Action Week, so we can all help save food, our profits and the planet!

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