Sodexo staff are hungry for success

As a highly reputable hospitality business operating on a global level, it has always been important for Sodexo to keep their foot on the gas by progressing their workforce and product.

With development in mind, apprenticeship programmes at Sodexo are currently thriving across a range of skills including chefs, managers in facilities, customer service and operations. In addition to this staff are expanding their horizons, undertaking new courses in both mental health and infection control creating a more versatile workplace.

The French-owned food services and facilities management company, among the world’s largest multinational corporations, has just under 1,000 of their 31,000 UK and Ireland workforce undertaking apprenticeships.

Sodexo’s Culinary Academy offers online learning & development opportunities for their Chefs around the world to complement and enhance local training programs. From the best class practices within their culinary teams around the world to specialist techniques perfected by their chefs at LeNôtre, the program provides chefs with everything they need to deliver consistent and first class quality food.

Sue Davison Head of Apprenticeships & Early Careers at Sodexo UK, explained: “We initiated a tendering process for the Sodexo Culinary Academy in order to improve our local training programs. HIT Training’s  training model for chefs in particular proved a natural fit for what we’re trying to achieve.”

Sodexo’s management team are actively encouraging both new and existing team members to consider an apprenticeship and on-the-job learning in order to develop lifelong career skills. These range from kitchen based skills such as food hygiene, meal preparation and presentation, through to service and operational skills such as leading a team, conflict management and customer service.

Additionally, staff at Sodexo are encouraged to attend apprenticeship roadshows. During these sessions,  the process of staff signing up for a range of qualifications is showcased and celebrated, explaining how easy it is to apply and highlighting the skills employees will gain.

Sodexo staff are hungry for success

Sodexo specialise in food services and facilities management.

Apprenticeships are popular with Sodexo staff, with many employees taking apprenticeships in Chef de Partie (Level 3), Hospitality Manager (Level 4), Production Chef (Level 2), Commis Chef (Level 2) and Hospitality Team Leader (Level 3). At Sodexo, apprentices get the opportunity to practice and be observed within the professional environment, enhancing their abilities by working alongside experienced chefs and other service staff.

Suzy enthused: “We’ve always had NVQs and apprenticeships. But seeing improvements in the confidence and skill set of our team when returning from events such as the Sodexo Culinary Academy has been a real eye-opener for the business. “We can see the progression through the improved skills of staff members doing these qualifications. This in turn enriches the many services that Sodexo can offer.”

Sodexo has committed to engage 850 apprentices every year as part of their public pledge, with the aim to help employees become more efficient and skilled in a competitive workplace.

The company’s client base is mainly public sector organisations and large corporations, covering a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, corporate, defence and education.

The inclusion of occupational training has proven to be invaluable for Sodexo’s workforce. The refined skills and new experiences of their employees goes a long way contributing towards their company-wide belief of ‘improving the quality of life for all’.

Peter Szucs – Chef at Lillian Faithful Homes

Daniel Rox Palomeque – Chef de Partie at Hotel Intercontinental O2

Matthew Lacey – LEAD at Nike Designer Outlet, Cheshire Oaks

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