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Funding apprenticeships in small businesses

Smaller companies who don’t pay the apprenticeship levy, have access to the government’s co-investment fund to support with the cost of apprenticeship training.

The government asks that employers make a 5% contribution, and the government pays the remaining 95% up to the maximum amount of funding set for the apprenticeship chosen. These payments are made directly to the apprenticeship training provider and the End Point Assessment Organisation. 

For small businesses (defined as those with fewer than 50 employees), the government provides funding to cover the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment. For apprentices aged 16 to 18, the government provides 100% of the training and assessment costs. For apprentices aged 19 or over, the employer can access to the government’s co-investment fund.

Small businesses can also access additional funding and support through the apprenticeship levy transfer system. This system allows large businesses with unspent apprenticeship levy funds to transfer up to 25% of their funds to other employers to help cover the costs of apprenticeship training and assessment.

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