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Launching your apprenticeship programme

When you partner with HIT Training, you'll be introduced to your dedicated Account Manager who will be your main point of contact.

They will work closely with you to set up your apprenticeship programme, liaising with various departments within both HIT and your business to ensure the launch of your apprenticeship programme is a success.

They’ll be in touch regularly, making sure you receive current and timely reporting of your apprentice data. This includes apprentice progression and highlights any issues that may need resolving. A quarterly meeting will take place to review the progress against objectives set at the start and identify further opportunities to evolve or improve the programme.

Apprentice on-boarding

At the start of any apprenticeship programme, a potential apprentice will either be nominated internally by the employer or will be recruited into your business as an apprentice. We will then work with the nominated candidate to complete the following:

  • Online application: Alongside your entry requirements, we will check whether the potential apprentice is eligible for the apprenticeship.
  • Initial assessment: We need to know what level of maths, English and possibly IT skills your potential apprentice possesses.
  • Confirmation of start: Once their initial assessment has been completed, eligibility confirmed, paperwork signed off and funding sorted, it’s time to start.
  • Induction to the apprenticeship: This is the first meeting between the apprentice, employer/mentor and their trainer. Together we’ll agree on a personal learning and development plan, setting a timetable of activities in preparation for the End Point Assessment (EPA).

Delivering meaningful learning

Once an apprentice is enrolled onto your apprenticeship programme its time to begin their learning journey. Our blended delivery approach means we can adapt training to suit the needs of each learner through the following channels enabling you to retain new knowledge and skills whilst applying what you learn.

  • Knowledge bites: Our online learning platform holds a variety of guided learning modules to boost and develop the apprentice’s knowledge. Each Knowledge Bite is linked to and will precede an Interactive Online Workshop (IOW).
  • Interactive Online Workshops (IOW): Each of our apprenticeships has a suite of Interactive Online Workshops that are mapped to the Knowledge element of the apprenticeship standard.
  • Assessment and skills development: After each IOW, your HIT Trainer will set up an online or face-to-face tutorial visit with each apprentice to complete and review assessments, provide further coaching where required and agree the next steps of learning.
  • Throughout their apprenticeship, your apprentice will complete mock assessments linked to the End Point Assessment methods. This provides an indicator of their readiness for their final assessment.
  • The trainer will also use this opportunity to keep you and their mentor informed of any areas the apprentice needs to focus on in the workplace and allow you to feedback concerns you may have.
  • Functional skills activities: Our trainers have a variety of resources available to support learning maths, English and IT. Your apprentice will also have access to our BKSB platform where they will complete an initial assessment and diagnostics. BKSB will create an individualised learning plan for your apprentice and from here, they can revise and work on any areas they find challenging.

Our key goal is to ensure that the apprentice is given the necessary support, guidance, and training to succeed in their role and achieve their career goals.

Measuring impact

As well as quarterly reviews, we will work with you to produce an annual ‘board report’, highlighting the impact apprenticeships have had on your business, alongside individual success stories and achievements of staff who have excelled.

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