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Supporting apprentices with additional learning needs

Apprentices with learning difficulties are entitled to additional support to help them successfully complete their apprenticeship.

The level and type of support available will depend on the individual needs of the apprentice and is usually discussed during the initial assessment and skills scan before commencing an apprenticeship.

Your training provider has a duty to provide your apprentice with the correct support so they can succeed in their apprenticeship.

There are a range of support options available, including:

  1. Reasonable adjustments: Your training provider can make adjustments to the apprenticeship program to ensure it meets the needs of the apprentice. This may include providing additional time for exams, providing written materials in alternative formats, or offering additional support from a tutor or mentor.
  2. Specialist support: Your apprentice may be eligible for specialist support, such as assistive technology or specialist software that can help them with reading and writing.
  3. Access to learning support: HIT has their own Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-Ordinator (SENDCo) team that can offer additional support, advice and guidance on a range of issues, including study skills, time management and exam preparation.
  4. Specialist assessment: Your training provider may refer your apprentice for a specialist assessment to identify any specific learning needs and recommend appropriate support.

Remember, disclosing a learning need is not a barrier to success in an apprenticeship. Many apprentices have overcome learning challenges to achieve their qualifications and progress in their careers.

For more details on support available download our guide.

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