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Recruiting an Apprentice

We recognise that there isn’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ method when it comes to apprentice recruitment, especially in such a competitive market space.

That’s why our complete recruitment marketing solution will give you the edge when it comes to finding, attracting and hiring the best talent available. Our solution is bespoke to your recruitment objectives and company culture. Whether you want to recruit apprentices internally or externally, we’ll support you to choose the right communication channels, apprentice on-boarding process and online media promotion.

Unlike conventional methods that primarily target school and college leavers, we’ve partnered with a leading sector job board to broaden accessibility to candidates genuinely motivated to pursue a career in hospitality.

Our approach stands out for its diversity whilst remaining sector focused:

Diverse Candidate Approach:

  • We prioritise a diverse pool of motivated candidates in addition to jobs boards focused on school and college leavers.
  • Our partnership with HJUK, a leading sector job board widens accessibility to apprenticeship within your business.
  • Better-quality candidates are our priority, reducing your shortlisting and interviewing burden.

Flexible Management:

  • Decide the level of control that’s rights for you as we co-manage your access to the HJUK job board.
  • Streamline reporting and candidate selection.
  • Targeted campaigns for up to six weeks to capture monthly job seekers.

Attract, Engage, Elevate:

  • Our offer includes posting on Hospitality Jobs UK. We will still promote your vacancy on the National apprenticeship website which links to UCAS.
  • Tailored job advert development and targeted marketing.
  • Inclusion in our monthly sector apprentice newsletter.
  • Extensive social media promotion.
  • Featured visibility on the HJUK apprentice page.

Enhanced Offering £995 (All of the Above Plus):

  • Bespoke email campaigns with HIT’s asset design assistance.
  • Comprehensive PPC/paid social campaign setup.
  • Creation of compelling dual-branded social assets for TikTok and Instagram.
  • Exclusive interviews with employers and previous apprentices featured in our newsletter.

Once we’ve identified your objectives, our expert team will support you with:

  • A 6-week recruitment campaign tailored to your business requirements, locality of vacancies and the personas of the candidates you are looking for. Utilising a recruitment expert to ensure your advert stands out from the crowd.
  • Single point of contact through our recruitment support team. They’ll guide you through the recruitment process from start-to-finish, saving you time and will work alongside your Relationship Manager to ensure your campaign meets its objectives.
  • Flexibility to manage your recruitment campaign yourself using an industry leading sector job board. This gives you access to a quality pool of diverse candidates.
  • Access to a range of digital and social channels offering a unique platform to raise awareness and interest in your campaign.
  • Internal marketing of your apprenticeship programmes tailored around your company brand, values and culture.
  • We can longlist candidates, assist on assessments days and recommend a shortlist supporting your own final interview process and recruitment decision.

Whatever your particular business needs, HIT will always work as an extension of your team, saving you time, hassle and money ensuring your efforts are highly efficient and provide results.

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