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Funding to Fire Up Your Business

The purpose of this e-guide is to bridge the gap between businesses needing cash for training and the government funding available. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the wide variety of funding opportunities that are out there and available for you now in a simple, easy to understand way.  

The financial benefits of apprenticeship

In this e-guide, we share a handful of ways to measure the financial return on investment your business sees from apprenticeships. We discuss how to gauge the success of your apprenticeship programme and share some inspiring stories from employers that we work with.

Line Manager's Toolkit to Mentor an Apprentice

Aimed at line managers of apprentices, this guide will walk you through the key role a line manager plays in helping their apprentice to develop with a crash course in how to be a great mentor.

HIT Training Apprenticeship Employer Guide

Apprenticeships offer your business a fantastic opportunity to plug skills gaps, recruit new staff and improve employee loyalty. In our HIT Training Apprenticeship Employer Guide, we'll walk you through what an apprenticeship is, how they work, the business benefits and how to maximise government funding opportunities.  

A complete guide to your apprenticeship with HIT Training

Working towards an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to supercharge your career - you'll gain valuable experience, learn on the job, earn a qualification and get paid! This guide outlines how your apprenticeship will work, the role of your immediate boss (line manager), the role of HIT Training and the route you will take to gain your apprenticeship.

Ready2Reopen E-Guide

For this Ready2Reopen e-guide, we’ve spoken to a handful of industry specialists to gather their top tips for a seamless reopening.

The Complete Guide to Chef Development

Modern culinary apprenticeships have been built for the world of now. They adapt to include the most in-demand skills and techniques, they encourage constant learning and development, and are designed to make you a better chef. This guide will take you through a number of options to enable you to choose the perfect apprenticeship programme towards a successful career.

Future Workforce

The Future Workforce: Upskilling and Adapting to the Outbreak e-guide contains food for thought on changes we may need to make to our workforce operations, how the role of line managers will evolve, and what new and existing skills our team members will need in the ‘new world’.

Keeping your customers safe throughout COVID-19

We’ve looked at what businesses are doing in the UK and other countries who have started reopening their doors post-lockdown. Our new e-guide, ‘Keeping your customers safe throughout COVID-19: Infection control and safe working’ pulls together best practice on safe working and controlling the spread of infection.  

Providing wellbeing support during COVID-19

Dramatic changes to everyday routines and lifestyles like we’re currently experiencing with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, can have a huge impact on both our physical and mental health. To help you and your team navigate through these difficult times, we have produced this short guide to help you support your employees’ wellbeing.

Careers in Hospitality

This guide outlines all the apprenticeships available in the hospitality industry and the career promotion paths you can take to advance your personal development.

7 pointers to help employers

Employers who pay the apprenticeship levy can now transfer apprenticeship service funds to multiple organisations to pay for their apprenticeship training and assessment.

A tailor made apprentice recruitment solution

We recognise that there is no off-the-shelf method when it comes to apprentice recruitment especially in such a competitive market space. That’s why our complete recruitment marketing solutions will give you the edge when it comes to finding, attracting and hiring the best young talent available. Our solutions depend on your recruitment objectives and company culture.

How do we keep the door open for future talent in the hospitality industry?

Earlier this year we announced the launch of a revolutionary, industry-wide campaign called Don’t Waste: The Future of Hospitality. The campaign – which has been well received within the industry with the likes of UKHospitality, The Springboard Charity and the Institute of Hospitality all supporters – is aimed at bringing the sector together to provide high-quality career development opportunities through combined resources.


This pocket handbook explains how the apprenticeship levy affects your business and how you can turn a mandatory payroll tax into a business advantage for your staff and management team.

National Insurance Breaks for Employers of Apprentices Under 25

Employers of apprentices under the age of 25 are no longer be required to pay secondary Class 1 (employer) National Insurance contributions (NIC) on earnings up to the Upper Earnings Limit (currently £50,270), for those employees.

Off-the-job training

Steps to help you determine whether an activity counts as off-the-job training.


It was great speaking to our account manager, Catherine, this afternoon and great to hear that HIT are being so supportive with our apprentices, I found the call very positive in a time of crisis, so thank you.

The Learner’s leaflet is great and being sent out to Apprentices and Line Managers following our communication last week providing a great follow up.

Jonathan Foot - Head of Apprenticeships, Compass Group

McMullen’s chose HIT as its sole external provider for Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications in early 2015 and since then we have found them a pleasure to work with.  Their expertise in this sector is superior and they have proven to be a professional and supportive partner who have a passion for learning and development, which matches our own organisation.

Amanda Walden – Training & Recruitment Manager, McMullen's

Encouraging our staff to improve their skills set and supporting them through apprenticeships and training programmes underlines our commitment to help them further develop their own careers. Offering the Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship also gives the Brend Group a point of difference which I’m convinced will help attract new members of staff in the future.

Andrew Mosedale - Group HR Manager, Brend Hotels

Our partnership with HIT has certainly made recruitment much easier in a very difficult labour market and gives us a point of difference in an increasingly competitive environment.  Kew Green has also benefited enormously from well trained, skilled and competent staff who contribute significantly to the ever improving and high levels of customer experience that our guests expect and deserve.

Andrew Tregenza - HR Business Partner, Kew Green Hotels

Apprenticeships allow us to give people a great opportunity to develop a career with us and learn a skill or trade that will accompany them throughout their career and life. We see progression to the Level 4 qualification as key to our strategy of providing development at all stages of an employee’s career with Harrison.

Alex Taylor - Training Manager, Harrison Catering Services

HIT Training has provided such an incredible support to us during lockdown, with regular webinar invitations, videocalls and engagement solutions. Our business focus shifted to learning and development and we managed to enrol 3 times more apprentices on training programmes than before!

Anastasia Talatzidou -L&D Manager, Gaucho


Over 450 training staff operating countrywide



With a strong local focus, HIT Training offers coverage throughout the nation. Our skilled trainers and training consultants are based in every county of England.

You can apply for a training programme with HIT at any time whether for current staff or looking for new team members. Or if you just need someone to talk to, we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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